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Bringing my photography into a new context › Flickering in the anthropocene
It took me a long time to figure out the connections between my photography and my geoscientific work. In the past the two have run in parallel, seeming to cover very different topics. Now i have found the intersection: the vague term of the anthropocene. Read More ›

Ruwai se - the second edition › Ruwai se
We have learnt a lot from the deployment of the Ruwai recorders within the SeisRockHt project. The new prototype, the Ruwai se, is an improved version including major software fixes and a better usability in the field. Read More ›

Data flow from Reftek recorders to seedlink server is working › TuSeisNet data is flowing
The first major task of the TuSeisNet near real-time data flow reorganization is working. The data finds its way from the Reftek recorders to a seedlink server. Read More ›

Logo based on seismic data › Generative logo
I'm using realtime seismic data to generate the logo of the company. The shape is computed using the amplitude and frequency information. The color reflects the largest magnitude of the recent earthquakes. Read More ›

First permanent installation › Ruwai set free
Last week we installed two Ruwai data recorders at two field sites. One in a gallery at the foot of mount Hoher Sonnblick and another one at the top of mount Kitzsteinhorn. I’m curious if the data recorders behave as reliable as they did in the lab. Read More ›

Makerfaire Vienna and EGU General Assembly › Conference week
The next week is going to be exciting. I will take part at two conferences in Vienna. Read More ›

GPS timestamping works › Ruwai in sync
One very important feature of a seismograph is the timestamping of the sampled data to an absolute time reference. The most important a global time reference is the GPS time and I'm using it to correctly timestamp the samples of the Ruwai data recorder. A test with another seismic data recorder of a different type shows that it is working. Read More ›

Ars Electronica 2015 › Future Innovators Summit
Within the framework of a cooperation between NetIdee and Ars Electronica 2015, I got invited to the Future Innovators Summit. In this program, several people with diverse backgrounds meet to discuss future problems and search for possible solutions. Read More ›

computed with free software › Solar irradiance
Relying on solar power supply at the foot of a north face requires proper location planning. Read More ›

Sonnblick Observatory borehole seismometer › Seismometer installation
We started the installation of the seismic monitoring network at the Sonnblick Observatory. Read More ›

Learning by doing › GPS Timing Shield assembled
I started with the first small series of GPS Timing Shield PCBs. After resolving some problems it worked fine. Read More ›

DIY assembly › Power Supply Shields
I started with the assembly of a small series of Ruwai. I chose the Power Supply shield to start because it doesn't contain too many SMD components. Perfect to start learning. Read More ›

Exciting milestone. › First self-built Ruwai
It was the first time, that I connected to a completely self-built Ruwai data recorder. Read More ›