Quantification of felt ground motion

Macro-Seismic Network

Felt vibrations of the ground evoke uncomfortable feelings. A low-cost strong-motion seismic network is used to quantify the ground motion, discriminate possible sources and communicate results to the public.

The macro-seismic network will be used to answer to main questions which generally arise after a felt ground motion:

What was the source of the groundmotion? An earthquake, a quarry-blast, nearby construction site or heavy traffic?

Was there a potential risk for life and the possibility for damages to buildings, fixtures and infrastructure?

The macro-seismic network is a dense layout of seismic low-cost sensors in populated areas. The sensors deliver the peak ground velocity (PGV). The processing of the data focuses on a fast discriminate between regional sources (e.g. earthquake or quarry-blast) or local events like construction work or traffic.

The information is communicated to the public and local authorities using the homepage http://www.macroseismicsensor.at/.

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The project started October, 2017 and is still running

I have the following responsibilities within the project:

  • Software development for near real-time data visualization.
  • Consulting for seismic data recorder development.
  • Near real-time event localization using amplitude data.