Software for research and prototyping in Seismology


psysmon is a seismological prototyping and processing software dedicated to non-standard seismological studies. It is written in Python and released under the GNU GPL license.

Usually, scientific work in seismology involves new approaches for data collection, unconventional instrumentation and the development of new algorithms to process the data. The combination of these needs limits the usage of routine software packages. Moreover small research projects running on low-budget might not be able to afford the license fees for proprietary software and the services needed to adapt the software to special needs.

pSysmon tries to fill this gap and provides a free seismological processing and prototyping software written in Python.

Project metadata

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The project started January, 2012 and is still running

I have the following responsibilities within the project:

  • project lead
  • core developer

The aims to be achieved by Mertl Research are:

  1. Development of a free seismological processing software.