Learning by doing

GPS Timing Shield assembled

I started with the first small series of GPS Timing Shield PCBs. After resolving some problems it worked fine.

Last week I managed to assemble 3 GPS Timing Shields in my lab. I encountered some unexpected problems with the Micro-USB connector. An excess of solder paste and/or bad aligned placement of the component caused some shorts between the pins and the case ground.

I had to remove the connector and manually solder a new component onto the PCB. This wasn’t an easy task and I cost me some hours of work and the purchase of a hot-air de-soldering station. But finally it worked out and I can connect to the GPS modul using the USB connector.

For the next version of the PCB layout I’ll improve the footprint of the connector and use a connector type with through hole ground pins for better alignment.

Three assembled and soldered GPS Timing Shields.
Three assembled and soldered GPS Timing Shields.