I'm developing a free seismic prototyping and processing software called psysmon. Go to the psysmon wiki for installation guidelines and documentation.


Long-term seismic monitoring of rockfall activity of alpine north-flanks using the free hardware design data logger Ruwai and the free software psysmon.

Macro-Seismic Network

A low-cost strong-motion seismic network is used to quantify the ground motion, discriminate possible sources and communicate results to the public.

Reset for new approaches

Focusing on projects originating from true interests and feelings.

I have started many so-called side projects in the past. All of them were based on long-term interests and the feeling, that I just have to do them, not knowing exactly why. Unfortunately side projects most likely get interrupted by other things and remain unfinished or just as an idea. This year it's time to stop the interruption, step aside and resume all those lost ideas. Reset. Read More ›

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