Ruwai se - the second edition

Ruwai se

We have learnt a lot from the deployment of the Ruwai recorders within the SeisRockHt project. The new prototype, the Ruwai se, is an improved version including major software fixes and a better usability in the field.

The second development version of the Ruwai prototype, the Ruwai se, has many improvements concerning the usability in the field.

The connectors have been changed to Samtec Acclimate Bayonet metal connectors and the GPS connector is now a standard type-N connector. The whole unit is shielded using an 0.1 mm thick aluminum foil and a metal top panel. All connectors have a circular connection to the case shield. The top panel also holds a LCD showing the status of the recorder and the data storage SD card is accessible from the outside. These features improve the handling of the recorder in the field under bad weather conditions.

A significant improvement of the noise level has been achieved by using an operational amplifier with better low noise characteristics for the active anti-aliasing filter. The software has also been improved significantly to guarantee a stable operation and to provide many information about the recorder status in the log file and the on the LCD.