Seismological Network of the Vienna University of Technology


Data acquisition, near real-time processing and visualization of the seismic network of the Vienna University of Technology.

During the two projects ALPAACT and Schools & Quakes of the Vienna University of Technology a local area seismic network has been installed and extended in the Mur/Mürz valley and the Vienna basin. In 2017 a cooperation between the Vienna University of Technology and the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) has been initiated to ensure the continuation of the operation of the seismic network.

It is now my task to redesign the near-real time data flow and to setup the new software chain on an dedicated server. Furthermore I will develop methods to integrate the data of the network into the teaching at the Vienna University of Technology.

As always a main focus is on the usage of free software. Therefore the tools of joice are the Earthworm software for the near real-time data acquisition and processing and the ringserver for the sharing of the data using the Seedlink protocol.

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The project started May, 2017 and ended December, 2018.

Within the project I have the followxing responsibilies:

  • coordination
  • system design and development
  • maintenance

The aims by Mertl Research for this project are:

  1. Operation of a local area seismological network in near real-time.
  2. Exchange of the near real-time data with the Zentralanstalt für Meteorolgie und Geodynamik.

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