I contributed to several publications

New Publications

Since last year I have contributed as a co-author to some scientific publications. We released publications presenting the MSS network and a description of a mass movement in Greenland happening during a seismic monitoring project.

I contributed as a co-author to some interesting scientific publications.

MSS Network

In the Open Access chapter “Seismological Data Acquisition and Analysis within the Scope of Citizen Science[1] of the book “Earthquakes” we describe the methods used for processing an visualizing the data of the MSS Netzwerks.

The introduction of the MSS Network in german language is available in the article “Das Macroseismic Sensor Projekt” [2] in the Journal “Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung & Geoinformation”. Unfortunately this article is not yet freely available.

Mass Movement in Greenland

Within the framework of the project “NOW - NOise of thaW” of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland I’m involved in the instrumentation and data processing of seismic monitoring stations in Greenland. In June 2021, a mass movement happened in Assapaat, West-Greenland. A study site of the NOW project was within 10 km distance to this mass movement. This event is described in detail in the article “A large frozen debris avalanche entraining warming permafrost ground—the June 2021 Assapaat landslide, West Greenland[3]. Surprisingly, we found only weak signals related to the mass movement on the NOW stations and the Greenland regional seismic network.