Interview in a radio feature

Glacioburst Sounds in Stadtradio Göttingen

On Friday, June 4, 2021, the Glacioburst Sonification was featured in a radio show of Deutsches Theather Göttingen broadcasted by Stadtradio Göttingen.

In 2020, the Deutsche Theater Göttingen started the monthly radio show DT Ohrengold within the Bürgerfunk program of Stadtradio Göttingen. In this show, the short feature Das elektroakustische Schatzkästlein (the electroacoustic treasure box) is created by Bernd Schumann.

Das elektroakustische Schatzkästlein, broadcasted on June 4, 2021, highlighted the Glacioburst Sonification, that is described in the blog post Listen to seismic noise and which is available as an audiostream in m-aar radio.

It was a great pleasure, that I was invited to talk in a short interview about my experience and my motivation to sonify the seismic data. The radio feature was kindly provided to be published on my homepage. Many thanks to the Team of Deusches Theater Göttingen.

Beitrag vom 4. Juni 2021
Deutsches Theater Göttingen
Elektroakustisches Schatzkästlein
Elektroakustisches Schatzkästlein der Sendung des Deutschen Theaters Göttingen im Stadtradio Göttingen. Ausgestrahlt am 4. Juni 2021.
  • Beitrag vom 4. Juni 2021
    Deutsches Theater Göttingen
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